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Business Trends for 2009, Interview held Tuesday February 3rd, 20009 at 4pm Pacific. Norma Jean welcomes Grace K. Morris, MA (CA-NCGR Level IV, APAI, ISAR CAP, PMAFA), business timing trends specialist, professional astrologer, president of Astro Economics, Inc. Grace publishes two newsletters, the Astro Economics ® Stock Market Newsletter and The Right Time; sponsors the World Conferences of Astro Economics; and is a co-founder of the Apollon Group. She develops and presents financial seminars and has authored How to Choose Stocks to Outperform the Market 2009. She has appeared on CNN Headline and Business News, CBS-TV, CNBC, and ABC-TV. Morris helps businesses worldwide to become more profitable using company profiles, stock surveys, timing new products, new incorporations, IPOs and first trades dates as well as long-term planning. Click Here to Listen to the Recording. This recording is under strict copyright to Sirius Satellite Radio and may not be used without the expressed written consent of Grace K. Morris.


Grace K. Morris, president and owner of Astro Economics in Oak Brook, consults with a client in her office. Morris is the author of AstroEconomics Stock Market Newsletter and a second newsletter, The Right Time. Her latest book, "How to Choose Stocks to Outperform the Market 2004," is now available.

Uncommon method helps predict winning stocks

By Joan Hadac
Staff writer, Life Newspapers

According to Oak Brook businesswoman Grace Morris, president of Astro Economics Inc. successful stock-picking depends on a number of factors, including timing.

One method she uses to determine timing is planetary cycle analysis, along with the more traditional techniques of fundamental and technical analyses.

“Fundamental analysis will tell how solid a company is,” Morris said. “It will tell you if the company is an established company with good credit ratings.”

This kind of analysis also gives other clues to the company's financial health by letting potential investors know if the company has low debt, good earnings per share, solid return on equity and a good sales record for the last four quarter, Morris said.

A technical analysis, Morris said, “gives us a lot of information.” Among other things, it will look at the trends, price and value of a stock. It will also look at its earnings per share and its relative strength. It will also show which stocks are surging forward.

While looking at the planetary cycles, Morris said, she looks what happened in the stock market in the past, as well as the market's current condition.

"Planetary cycle analysis tells which sector is favored. It tells the time to buy in and the time to sell," Morris said.

Sectors are categories of stocks. Those that will do well in 2004, according to Morris, are medical-generic drugs, educational services and discount retailers.

In early 2001, before Sept. 11, airlines, railroads and other transportation stocks were leading the market. Morris' newsletter, Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter , revealed this trend early, but terminated coverage before the cycle ended.

"In other words, planetary cycle analysis is another tool. It gives us even more information," Morris said.

A psychotherapist, mathematician and a timing/trends specialist, as well as an astrologer, Morris advises chief executive officers of Fortune 500 and local companies.

One of her clients is former Downers Grove resident and businesswoman Lillian Bjorseth, president of Duoforce Enterprises, a networking and communications firm. Bjorseth now lives in Lisle.

Bjorseth consults Morris to determine good dates to sign contracts for her books and other ventures. Morris has quarterly newsletter, The Right Time , that also provides this service.

“Astrology is another tool to understand yourself. I am a firm believer you are more effective when you understand yourself better and when you understand other people better,” Bjorseth said.

When they first met, Morris offered to do a birth chart for Bjorseth. It is a service Morris still offers her clients, but she also does a “birth chart” for the company, rather than for an individual.

The company profile uses the exact time and date of incorporation. She will also do a chart examining the company's stock record.

“CEO's are very pragmatic people and say, “If it (the planetary cycle method) works, use it,” Morris said.

Morris has staged several World Conference of Astro Economics. The 14 th conference will be held March 20 and 21, 2004, in the Radisson Resort, Marco Island, Fla.

Other seminars hosted by Morris can be found on her Web site at

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