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Grace Morris at the 15th World Conference of Astro Economics

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The World Conferences of Astro Economics

The World Conference began in Chicago in 1988. The Chicago location near the stock exchanges was the starting place for the first conference. Throughout the years the conference has been held in San Francisco, Singapore, London, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Canada, Sydney, Australia, Scottsdale, AZ and most recently Marco Island, FL.

14TH World Conference of Astro Economics®

Astro1From around the world, speakers and attendees gathered onMarco Island, Florida, March 20 & 21, 2004 for the 14th World Conference of Astro Economics®.

Among the outstanding speakers was the top market timer, according to Timers Digest, newsletter writer Arch Crawford of Tucson and former New York stockbroker.

Among the top international speakers in the field of astroeconomics were active traders and newsletter writers: David Burton from Australia, Dr. Al Larson, Larry Pesavento, Tim Bost, Grace K. Morris, Alphee Lavoie.

Attendees came from Brazil, Italy, England, Canada, Australia and all over the US. They heard the results of the latest research in timing the markets, currencies, individual stocks and sectors, real estate and economic cycles.

Each speaker used as a reference famous ‘old masters’ in the field of trading and astroeconomics such as W.D. Gann, Lt. Com. David Williams, Donald Bradley, Louise McWhirter and others. The audience reaction to the superb material presented and its delivery was very enthusiastic.

Each speaker gave his evaluation of what direction he thought the market would go in the year ahead. For more information, tapes of the conference are available on this Website and you can request a free copy of the April newsletter with a summary of what the speakers said about market direction. Astro Economics uses fundamental, technical and planetary cycle analysis for timing the markets and financial investing.

Consenus on market direction at the 14th World Conference of Astro Economics®

An outstanding group of speakers shared their insights on the nature of the markets and the realities of trading. Each presentation was extraordinary in its content and delivery. As each speaker shared their opinion on the direction of the market, we heard a surprisingly bearish consensus. Some quotes: ”Be careful if you’re long stocks. Any rally now should be sold.

I think we are at a significant top in the market so there is some danger ahead, not as there was in 2000 but still some real danger” Larry Pesavento. “I think we’re going to have another crash this year between August 15, 2004 and March 2005.

Although presidential election years in the U.S. do generally coincide with a rising stock market, when they are bitterly contested, the stock market does not do well” Arch Crawford. “According to my models, it looks like a crash before the fall, probably July or August” Dr. Al Larson. “I’m looking for U.S. stocks to make a big move down when Saturn hits the Ascendant in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange and that will be in late June” Alphee Lavoie. David Burton and Tim Bost concurred. Tim added, “With all this agreement maybe it’s time to be a contrarian.”

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