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How to Choose Stocks to
Outperform the Market 2018

by Grace K. Morris

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“I am a long time subscriber to your Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter and I buy your newest book each year as soon as it comes out. Am I a ‘happy camper”? Yes, I am. I take your recommendations from the book and from the newsletter each month and have my broker added them to my portfolio.”
Charles S.,  Naples, FL

“Our fund has been using your suggestions for many years, thank you.” William J.,  New York

“Your recommendations through the years are much appreciated.”  Chan Choong, Singapore

“I am so impressed and grateful for your stock ‘picks’ and for your added insights on the economy.” F. Rachow, GA

“Thanks to your workshops, books and newsletter, I got out of the market back in 2000 before the tech bubble burst, out before the 2008 banking collapse and got back in with your stock recommendations at the bottoms. Your call on the March 9, 2009 bottom was wonderful for me. In 2006, I made $5000 in one week and I’m a retired school teacher.” B. Stanton, WI

“The performance of your stocks is quite impressive.” J. Simkin, MBA


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